1997 - 2004

CH Rikwen Coconino Seegwum x Rikwen Amneris DeBubalak, JC

Bred By:
JoAnn Warren and Mary DeWhitt

Although a DNA Marker had not been developed by the time of Boone's passing,  and based on
Fanconi Test Results of his offspring, we believe that he was a "Carrier" of Fanconi.

Boone at 5 years

Boone was our first Basenji and our learning experience in Basenji 101.   He was intelligent, stubborn, observant,  and vocal.   He would talk back to us when corrected, and if you told him to do something that he didn't want to do, would keep barooing at you saying, "no".   He always had to have the last word.

LoAnne originally began looking for a basenji as a family pet.  But, after going to several AKC local shows and watching the people and dogs, this exhibiting stuff looked like fun.   Dog shows are a competitive sport and being a competitive individual wanted to give it a try.   So, she switched her focus to acquire a show quality male basenji.

"With Boone, this was my introduction as a new owner/handler to conformation dog shows.  I was informed by a few basenji breeders, that "if you can handle and train a basenji, then you can show just about any dog." 

From the time Boone was 6 months of age he was a "jackass" in the ring.   He would not listen to anything I wanted him to do.   His goal was amuse himself and do things his way.   If we were behind another dog in the class, Boone didn't move beside me, instead he would drag me at a full gallop, in order to chase the dog in front of him. 

Of course, my more experienced and seasoned competitors thought this "very amusing" and thoroughly enjoyed the embarrassment that I was experiencing.   They were also very happy when I would enter Boone in the shows, because they figured they could win and pick up a point or 2 on their dogs.   As a "newbie" and being very gullible,  they actually encouraged me to enter the shows to make points for them.

At 3 years of age, Boone's light bulb finally came on and he began to act like a show dog.   By this time he had earned 10 single points.  He finally understood what he was supposed to do when we walked into the show ring.   Sometimes he wasn't in the best mood, so I had to  "bribe" him into performing by telling him that if he was a good boy he would get lots of cookies.  So, this tact seemed to work.  (yes, I used psychology on a basenji)

On his 4th birthday, he took his first 3 point major on Friday at the Douglasville show, and then finished his Championship on Sunday at the Newnan show with another 3 point major.   Finally,  after 4 years he was a Champion!

5 Generation Pedigree

Sept. 2001 New Champion at 4 yrs
Sept. 2000 - 3 yrs

April 1999 1st points - 18 months
Feb. 2000 - Next points earned at 2-1/2 yrs

2 yrs
14 mos

11 mos
6 mos

4 mos
4 mos

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