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Breeder Referral

Basenji Club of America - On-line Breeder Referral Listings

Basenji Rescue

BRAT (Basenji Rescue & Transport) - Available Rescues

Basenji Links

The Basenji Club of America (BCOA)

The History of the Basenji

"The Basenji" - Online Magazine

Is a Basenji the Dog for You?

The AKC Basenji Breed Standard

The Basenji Web

The Basenji Explained on Wikipedia

Other Links of Interest

The American Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Warehouse

Drs. Foster's & Smith Pet Products

FidoFleece Dog Jackets (Size 16 Fits a Basenji Perfectly)

American Sighthound Field Association

Breedia.com -The Dog Breed Encyclopedia (Our Skye is pictured)

Dog Show Superintendents

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows

InfoDog - (MBF, Inc) Dog Shows

Jim Rau Dog Shows

Roy Jones Dog Shows

Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows

Foy Trent Dog Shows