Savannah's Pride of  Sienna


Sienna retired from the show ring at 4 years of age.  She had acquired a total of 11 points toward her AKC Conformation Championship, lacking 2 major wins to finish.
In 2003, Sienna was bred CH Rikwen Ashanti Benin Boone and produced 3 puppies from that breeding --  Tanner, Flynt & Cassidy.

We were very lucky to find a very sweet retired couple in McDonough, GA.  They wanted a mature red & white female for companionship and to travel with them in their motorhome.   Their 12 year old basenji girl had recently passed away of old age. 


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Sienna's Photo Album

20 Months
17 months
13 months
 8 months
 7 months
 6 months
 5 months
 4 months
12 weeks 
10 weeks
 8 weeks
 2½ weeks

Photos of Sienna's Litter

Sienna's face - 8 weeks

Sienna with littermate - Wishbone

Sienna with Dam - Savannah

All the basenjis are "dog tired"

Daddy Sting - snoozing on the job

2½ weeks (Sienna on her back)

Dam- Savannah and 3 day old puppies

Puppies at 3 days nursing


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