CH Sienna's Judgement Day


CH Sienna's Desert Oasis, FCh x CH Klassic Sienna's Nyte Skye, FCh
Whelped:   September 1, 2005

Bred by: LoAnne, Mike & Michelle Miller

Fanconi DNA Test Result - Carrier
PK DNA Test Result  - Carrier

Trent was shown exclusively in the
Bred-by Exhibitor Class

20 Months

Finishing with back-to-back wins at the Asheville KC shows

Asheville Kennel Club, Fletcher, NC
Sunday,  June 10, 2007
Judge:   Mr. Raymond Filburn
Handler:   LoAnne Miller

19 Months

2 Show Wins

Douglasville Kennel Club, Newnan, GA
Sunday, April 1, 2007
Judge:   Mrs. Marilyn Spacht
Handler:   LoAnne Miller

Trent takes his 3rd Major

Photo Not Available

 Atlanta Kennel Club
Perry, Georgia
Saturday, April 14, 2007
Judge:  Betty Stites
Breeder/Owner/Handler:  LoAnne Miller

15 Months

12 Months

Trent (front) & Sire, Flynt (back)
Trent (front) with the family (Lexi, Flynt, Skye)

10 Months

Back-to-back 3 Point Major Wins in Greenville, SC

Greenville Kennel Club, Greenville, SC
Sunday, July 30, 2006
Judge:   Mrs. Doris Werdermann
Handler:   LoAnne Miller

Hendersonville Kennel Club, Greenville, SC
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Judge:   Mrs. Carol O'Bryant
Breeder/Owner/Handler:   LoAnne Miller

9 Months

Pictured with his Dam, "Skye"


8 Months

Montgomery Kennel Club, Montgomery, AL
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
Judge:  Mr. Jerry Watson
Breeder/Owner/Handler:  LoAnne Miller

7 Months

"1st Show & Win"

Winners and Best of Winners

Newnan Kennel Club, Newnan, GA
Saturday April 1st, 2006

Judge:   Mrs. Judy Webb
Breeder/Owner/Handler:  LoAnne Miller


21 Weeks


18 Weeks

16 Weeks

9 Weeks

7 Weeks

5  Weeks

11 Days

25 Days

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